Audi D7

Audi D7 “From Dream to Reality” Concept design by Kave Naser Bakht

Audi D7 is a sports concept car with an electric engine in front.
Although the most striking part of the design is the use of neon lights,
not just for flashy body, but even for tail lights and headlamps (the light belts act for both)
which make the car easily recognizable at night.
The D7 concept is streamlined and aerodynamic in design, integrating detailed aggressive visual elements on a sporty looking body.
This electric car is one surprise which remains yet to be completely exposed.

credit: designspawn

“From Dream to Reality”

The iconic Audi grill is completely removed and covered by the car’s shell.
In its place is a charging crack placed to accommodate the new energy efficient electric engine in front.
Other unique features include light belts that create the headlights and
taillights while also lining the dies of the car to allude to its form at night.
Its sleek shell dons a futuristic phantom appearance and helped it to become the main attraction at the design showcase.
Its aggressively sporty body is both aerodynamic and streamlined in design.

credit: architectureartdesign


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